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The Victim in the Case of “The Financial Pyramid” wants the Former High-Ranking Police Officials to be charged

Today, the prosecutor expressed an opinion on the defense’s appeal in the Criminal Court of Appeal. He noted that the appeal should be rejected, since the verdict of the Court of First Instance is well-founded, however the 10 years’ imprisonment for the defendant should be raised to 14 years.

Arthur Andreasyan’s attorney emphasized that Arthur coordinated the exchange offices in Moskvichka and has a monthly income of 13 million AMD. The owner of these exchange offices, Armen Nazaryan and his employees confirmed the fact that the defendant had no connection with the exchange offices. According to the lawyer, Arthur Andreasyan has taken a borrowing of US $ 1 million one of the victims, and seeing that a criminal case is being initiated he made the receipts of those borrowings to shift the disputes from criminal field to civil.

He joined the prosecutor’s stance on stricter punishment. At the end he added that the victim refuses the lawsuit of the criminal trial in order to enter the court with civil claim.

Victim Gevorg Tadevosyan stated in the court that he had worked in the police system and if he examined the case he would charge the Nazaryans and the Babakekhyans. Note that it is about the former chief of the police of Yerevan Nerses Nazaryan and the former chief of police of Shirak region Karen Babakekhyan.

Arthur Andreasyan’s attorney Mnatsakan Sargsyan said there were no features of fraud in his defendant’s actions.

Arthur Andreasyan said he did not intend to deceive people and if he decided to cheat he would simply refuse the money and they could not prove but he is a responsible man and if there was the pledge this problem would not arise.

The names of Colonel Karen Babakekhanyan and Major General Nerses Nazaryan are also involved in this case. According to the indictment, in June, 2010 Arthur Andreasyan fraudulently stole large amount of money from Karen Babakekhanyan, Nerses Nazaryan and the latter’s son Armen Nazaryan and possessed their properties.

However, Nerses Nazaryan noted in the Court of First Instance that neither he nor his son or relatives had lent money to Arthur Andreasyan. The Babakhekyans also claimed the same. And the defendant Arthur Andreasyan sees Vano Siradeghyan’s factor in all these.


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