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They will imprison me: The last word of the accused of the “Financial Pyramid” case

“If there is no accusation, what are you defending now?”- judge Gagik Poghosyan asked the defender of the accused Arthur Andreasyan. The court hearing on the “Financial Pyramid” case was held today in the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Administrative Districts. The case is in the phase of disputes and the Defense party today made a speech.
He mentioned that his defendant had not cheated and had not had any intention to cheat on anybody. According to his, the prosecutor could not prove his guilt: “During the trial the accusation proposed to Arthur Andreasyan was factually denied and was not proved. Artak Galstyan assures that Andreasyan owes him 500.000 USD, but he could not prove it and he misrepresented the reality. The proofs owned by us and grounded in the court prove that there are no crime traits of fraud in the actions of my defendant.”
The defender also spoke about the non-existing accusation, about Artak Galstyan’s testimonies, which made the judge angry, as long as his testimonies were not examined by the trail: “Dear defender, I’ll remind you one more time that you may repose for the proofs examined by the trail. Why don’t you obey the law and the presiding judge? If you keep on acting this way, I will cease the hearing.”
Summing up the speech, the defender mentioned that there are no objective and subjective proofs on this case, consequently the proceeding of this case must be terminated. He made a motion for Arthur Andreasyan to be recognized not guilty and an acquittal to be made.
Arthur Andreasyan also presented his last word. He did not recognize his guilt: “I am not fraudulent; everybody knew that I borrow money for a long period. If my mines were not alienated, I would not have been in such a condition.” He also accused the claimant Artak Galstyan and his wife Vera, asking to initiate a criminal case on them. Artak Galstyan was again absent: “It is obvious that Artak is lost in his testimonies, he lived even in his civil claim given to the court. This means that investigative bodies leaded a one-sided examination. This case is closed by SIS, therefore they will imprison me for sure”- said the accused.
Prosecutor Arthur Yeritsyan also responded the accused and his defender: “The defenders speech is not clear for me, it seemed like they have put up with the accusation.” The prosecutor had previously made a motion to sentence the defendant to 14 years in prison. The court moved to the advisory room to impose a sentence.


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