“Three Bullets hit me, one in the Arm, two in the Leg”: Policewoman

Armine Grigoryan had sung in “Arevik” and “Ardzagank” studios when she was young, she had a desired to become a teacher since childhood but her first profession is of an engineer. She never thought that once she will become a policewoman and get a serious injury.

In the framework of the Special Project “Armenian Policewomen” we have interviewed Armine Grigoryan, service inspector of the 1st platoon of the 2nd company of the 5th special battalion.

-Let us begin with a glance back. Please tell about your childhood.

-I was a very organized and active child. My parents always thought about the further directions of my life because I had chosen both the song, and dance and calisthenics. In addition to all these I had an excellent progress at school. Both my parents are teachers and when my mother was taking me to her workplace I was trying to teach saying that I would become a teacher. However time showed that I became a policewoman instead of a teacher.

-And how it turned out?

-My second profession is the jurisprudence. I wanted to work in that field, my uncle is a policeman and it became a reason for me to join the state protection department, then I was offered to work in the angels battalion and received the offer with great pleasure. So it is already 4 years that I am here.

-Armine, were you afraid of the thought you may appear in dangerous situations?

– I was not afraid as I have a sports training, besides there are many strong men, who are around us in every situation. Before coming here I did not imagine what it would be like, however I was aware of the seriousness.

-Beautiful woman are always in the centre of attention. Hasn’t it disturbed you in the work?

-No our colleagues are our friends and our partners during the service. It means when you look on the problem as a woman and get afraid of it, your male colleague will help you.

-Were you ever afraid of acting and asked your colleagues to help you.

-Frankly speaking no. First of all we do not decide anything; our commander decides and guides us in this or that situation. I do not remember being afraid in any situation.

-Being a woman does not interfere with your service?

-Of course no, in contrast it helps us in many cases. The modern challenges and demands make us expand the role of a woman in the police system. In comparison with 4 years before there is a great change in the attitude of the citizens. Especially girls and women were embarrassed and would not ask us anything, they would not apply for any problem even to a policeman. Nowadays there are so many applicants that it is obvious people do not perceive a policeman as a punitive figure.

-Have there been any orders which you did not want to do?

-Orders are not discussed; they are performed no matter one wants it or not. There is an order and it must be done, emotions and feelings are put aside in the police.

-How do you manage to put the emotions and feelings aside? Women are guided mostly by emotions, aren’t they?

-I do agree that women are emotional, but it will interfere with the work in the police, it is not an everyday life. You may be emotional in life, but not in work.

– Does the work of a policewoman kill your womanhood?

-I do not think so, because a woman remains a woman in all professions. The role of a woman is big in the service, because sometimes men react more furiously on some cases and we manage to calm them down.

-Often activists call to go to their side during protest, meetings and demonstrations. Have you ever thought of leaving the service and joining them?

-No I have not. I have chosen this profession and I Am carrying out my job. However, each of us understands our citizens and their demands.

-You are the victim in Hayk Kyureghyan’s case. Let us speak a little about it.

-When it happened I was serving with one of our colleagues and none of us expected it to happen. The weapon does not differ from the military one, but in such cases the policeman does not understand the damage he is facing. He only tries to prevent the disorder. Three bullets hit me, one in the arm, two in the leg.

-I am sure you were afraid. How could you overcome the fear and return to your job?

-Everything can be overcome if there is a real wish. You may motivate yourself psychologically and come out from any situation.

-Tell me a little about your family. Would you like your children to choose the profession of a policeman?

-My husband and I got acquainted when we were students. We entered the police system after the marriage. I have two children, a boy and a girl. My son already says that he will serve in the police system like us. Children naturally want to be like their parents, have the same profession. We will see what will happen.

-Armenian parents often calm their children saying that they will call policemen. How do you frighten your children?

-We also meet such things in the street, when parents show us to their children saying “look, he is coming”. But we try to smile to the child and disperse the atmosphere of fear. In fact one does not need to make them afraid; we just need to explain them everything and they will understand.

-What book or film hero do you look like?

-When I was a child I was comparing myself with film heroes very often, but now I realize that each of us is unique. Now I am not like anyone.

Interview by Lilit Shaboyan

Photos by Hermine Virabyan

Author of the idea: Karen Zadoyan

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