“I knew beforehand where I go and why։” Policewoman

In the framework of the project “Armenian Policewomen” we will try to find out some details about Armine Ghajoyan, lieutenant, inspector of the patrol service of the 2nd platoon of the 1st Company of the 5th special battalion of the Special Patrol Unit of the RA Police. We shall speak about her leisure time as well.

– What was your motivation to join the police?

-I have become a policeman because I believe that I should support our citizens with physical disabilities, the elderly, and the children. I love my profession, since all my workdays are really very interesting.

-Do you have another profession as well?

-Yes, I do. I have graduated from European Regional Academy. I am a linguist. I am fluent in English and French languages. I combine my first profession with the second one, especially when I meet foreigners who do not know Armenian and face some difficulties.

-What difficulties did you face during these four years?

– First of all, I would like to mention that I like my profession and am really proud of what I am doing. We have to communicate with different people including ministers, ordinary citizens, etc. It is not so easy to understand them and to find solutions in different situations. We always try to help people, but if they are not obedient and ignore the policeman’s demands, we have nothing to do but to arrest them and so on.

-Armine, I am sure you can use weapons. Have you ever used it during these years?.

-No, I have not ever used it.

-Do you work during the protest actions?

-Of course yes. We are always with our citizens and try to ensure their safety and security.

– Do you work during the civil disobedience actions and clashes or do you try to avoid it?

– I, together with the other girls of the battalion never escape from such situations. Of course the boys support and help us, but in many cases we also do not allow citizens to violate the public order.

-What about the woman’s instinct? Isn’t it disturbing your work?

-Surely no. I have chosen this profession knowingly. I was aware of where I am going to and why. Thus I take my job seriously and nothing can ever frighten me in this job. As for being a woman: I can say that it makes me feel even stronger.

-You mentioned that you are a strong person. There is a widespread stereotype that women are not strong at all. What do you think about this idea?

– I do not think it’s quite reasonable. I think gender differences do not have an important role.  If a person has a clear purpose and desires to achieve something.

-What do you like to do outside work?

-I spend my time with my parents and friends, I go swimming. I am fond of reading. In addition I try to develop my language skills.

– You have mentioned that you are fond of reading. Who is your favorite writer and which is your favorite book?

– I am fond of the works of A. Shirvanzade, Paulo Coelho and so on.

-What do you think, is the profession of a policeman more suitable for men or women?

– In my opinion, men and women complete each other in this system, as they complete each other in the family. The system is also a kind of family.

-If you were given a chance to change your profession, what will you choose?

-I would never change my profession. It is a part of me and it completes me.

Interview by Lilit Shaboyan

Photos by Hermine Virabyan

Author of the idea: Karen Zadoyan


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