There is a Certain Error in the Indictment: Advocate

Today, the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Administrative Districts of Yerevan, under the presiding Judge Arshak Vardanyan, conducted the regular court session on Arthur Sargsyan’s case. During the court trial the Hunan Babayan, the advocate of the defender filed a motion to the court, according to which in order to clarify certain circumstances it was necessary to send a written request to “Europe” LLC.

Babayan said there was certain error in the indictment episode, and solicited to take certain measures to in that direction and make an enquiry.

According to the advocate the inquiry should clarify whether Arthur Manucharyan, the person who claims to be a victim was the director of “Europe” LLC or not. If he was and currently tells the court that he had received from “Europe” LLC holders on the condition of deferment of payment, he should provide the documentation grounding that fact from the company.

The court decided to grant the motion and send a written inquiry to “Europe” LLC. The court hearing was delayed till 18 March.

Tigranuhi Harutyunyan

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