Due to the Driver`s Fight, Traffic Police overturned its Decision

The Traffic Police overturned its decision on administrative offense.

“It is not a perfect system. While making a decision we might have missed an aspect, but citizens may come and present a proper evidence. In this case we ask the citizen to present an appeal, so that we can initiate an administrative proceeding. All the evidence presented by the citizen will be considered and a right decision is made”, said the head of the Traffic Police Department on recording the violations discovered by video-recording devices, Major of the Police Eduard Bazikyan.

According to him, the Police works for the benefit of drivers. “In any case when the Traffic Police reports an offense and makes a decision, the driver – addressee of the act, has the right to appeal the decision as required by law – presenting proper evidence. So, he can prove that there is none of his guilt”.

Psychologist by profession, driver Aren Simonyan made a red light violation, which was reported by the video-recording device.

He certifies that this violation was committed by him without any such intention – arising from the conditions arisen. ” I usually stop under red light, but the bus next to me was blocking the view and I couldn`t see the lights. When I look to my right, I don`t see the lights, and on the left side there is no light. I had to move on, following the course of other cars. Going shortly forward I see that the red light has not changed yet and I stop. And that is what the video-recording device recorded”.

The citizen appeals the decision of the Police, but gets a non-proper response from the Police. “I mention in my appeal that the violation was caused by the absence of lights in the front side and the fact that the bus was much forward from the bus line to my right. The response to the appeal mentions that I had to orientate with the lights to the left, while there were no lights there. The violation was committed at the crossroad of Karapet Ulnetsi and Davit Anhaght streets”.

Disagreeing with this response, Aren Simonyan decides to go to the Traffic Police again.

To find out how the driver succeeded, please turn to the Armenian version here.

Arev Avagyan


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