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“I do not sell the Child’s Blood”: Statement of the Injured Party

On 26 January, Arthur Hakobyan, injured party in Vardan Petrosyan’s case, made a statement in the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kotayk marz. He said he did not believe in the defendant’s and his advocates’ words.

The injurd party referred to the reconciliation process, “They understand reconciliation as imposing conditions before me, so that I shall be the guilty, whereas Vardan Petrosyan will come out with clear conscience. He has killed two children and one has become a disabled, and stiil the courtroom applaud to him. Respective Court everything that Vardan and his advocates say is a lie. We did not give birth to the children for him to kill them once and then come to us so that we shall kiss his forehead. The dey will come and he will come out and look into my eyes and I have a lot of questions to ask him. No matter the punishment is six years or six and a half years. It is too little for Vardan petrosyan,” the injured party said.

The atmosphere was tense during the injured parity’s speech. One of the presents made a speech from place and that made Arthr Hakobyan angry. The judge instructed the bailiffs to remove that citizen from the court room.

Further Vardan Petrosyan’s advocates Samvel Jaghinyan and Nikolay Baghdasaryan made remarks.

According to accusation, Vardan Petrosyan was charged for the fact that the vehicle “BMW”’ driven by the latter on the 2nd kilometer of Yeghvard –Yerevan Highway made an improper and dangerous driving and as a result the care cane up to the right side of the traffic way and collided with the car “Niva”, which was parked to the right of the traffic way on the earth roadside. The collision was made by the front side of Vardan Petrosyan’s car to the back side of the “Niva.” As a result two persons were killed and four got damages of different degree.

Gevorg Tosunyan

Photo: Gevorg Tosunyan


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