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How the Car Accident with Vardan Petrosyan happened: Advocate’s Version

Just at this moment Advocate Nikolay Barsegyan is holding the counsel’s address on Vardan Petrosyan’s case in the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kotayk marz.

In his speech the advocate reminded that the car accident with Vardan Petrosyan occurred on the traffic way of the road.

According to accusation, Vardan Petrosyan was charged for the fact that the vehicle “BMW”’ driven by the latter on the 2nd kilometer of Yeghvard –Yerevan Highway made an improper and dangerous driving and as a result the care cane up to the right side of the traffic way and collided with the car “Niva”, which was parked to the right of the traffic way on the earth roadside. The collision was made by the front side of  Vardan Petrosyan’s car to the back side of the “Niva.” As a result two persons were killed and four got damages of different degree.

In his speech the advocate emphasized, “By the end of the preliminary investigation we understood that the driver of “Niva” was not in the zone of the roadside. The accident occurred on the edge of the road. When driving, Vardan Petrosyan noticed the car coming back side and was unable to stop the car to prevent the collision. I do repeat he did not have opportunity to prevent the collision. The Court had to identify that.”

The Advocate also reminded that the defense had received the expert opinion on this case from three countries, “Vardan Petrosyan’s provided evidences completely coincided with the expert opinions provided by the experts from three different countries. That is the car was moving backward. If the respective court had appointed an expertise then all the questions wuld have been clear. According to the experts the car was moving backward and put on the breaks at the very last moment, that is at the moment of the collision it hadn’t yet stopped finally. I have also to emphasise that the “Niva” was in a tilted position as well.”

Nikolay Barsegyan denounced the preliminary investigation authority for carrying out a one sided inquiry.

Author: Gevorg Tosunyan

Photo: Aleksander Sargsyan


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