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Judge: “NKR is not Europe, why doesn’t the Aggrieved Party appear in Court?”

On 21 January, Artak Galstyan, the aggrieved party in the case of “Financial Pyramid” had to testify at the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork Marash Districts of Yerevan. As in the previous court hearing the aggrieved did not appear in the court today. Instead, a not indicating that Artak Galstyan was in Artsakh was provided.

Judge Gagik Poghosyan asked the representative of the aggrieved party, advocate Susanna Sargsyan, “Artak Galstyan were absent from the previous hearing as well, on the reasoning that he was in Europe. We acknowledge that he was not in Europe, and now he appeared in Artsakh. NKR is not Europe. Why doesn’t the aggrieved appear?” The Advocate told that she had had a telephone conversation with her client and the latter informed that he would participate in the funeral of his relative. The advocate also ensured that A.Galstyan will be present in the next court hearing and solicited to postpone the trial. Prosecutor and the defense did not object. The court granted the motion of the aggrieved party’s representative.

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