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“Trial will over and we shall stand Face to Face,” Vardan Petrosyan said to the Victims

Today the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kotayk marz of the RA continued the court trial on Varadan Petrosyan’s case. The judge decided to accept the civil suit introduced at the previous court hearing, where the victims’ representative claimed 12 million 500 thousand AMD from Vardan Petrosyan.

Varadan Petrosyan presented his position at the court hearing. He was rather excited and said that since September of the past year he had tried to reconcile with the victims, but with no result. He said that he had already provided considerable amount of money to the victims. The judge asked about the size of the sum. “My relatives provided around 20000USD to the relatives of the victims,” the defendant said. Victim Arthur Hakobyan said from his place, “It is a lie!” This circumstance upset Vardan Petrosyan. “Can you look in my face and say that I am lying? The person who wants to reconcile looks for the ways of reconciliation, those who do not want it try to find reasons to refute reconciliation. I have done everything to reconcile. When I told that I should give my life for Tatevik’s life, they say you are playing. If you want to take the sum through the court then take it, but tomorrow the trial shall over, the judge will go, the advocates will go, and we shall stand face to face,” Vardan Petrosyan said.

After accepting the application Vardan Petrosyan’s advocate Nikolay Baghdasaryan announced that he did is not fully accept it.

Ruben Baloyan, representative of the victims tried to make a statement; he mentioned that the defendant’s side attempted to make a bargain with the victims, with a condition that he would not be informed about that.

Victim Emma Hakobyan said that a sum of around 20 thousand USD was given to them.

Gevorg Tosunyan


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