MFA: List of the Winners in the Contest for the RA Judge in ECtHR wasn’t sent to PACE

Tigran Balayan, the Press secretary of the RA MFA answered to the question of

Question: Media published information that PACE had declined the candidacies of judge from Armenia in the European Court of Justice. Are these publications true?

Answer: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs received the 22 December, 2014 opinion of the Advisory Group of the Committee of Ministers, the Parliamentary Assembly requested by the RA. According to the provided opinion, no one of the candidates for the vacancy of the judge at the EctHR completely complies with the criterion of being a “jurisconsult of recognized competence.” Considering the aforesaid, it was decided not to send the list of the winners of the internal tender by the national winners to PACE. Thus it could not be rejected by PACE.

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