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According to the Defendant, the Victim was advertising himself by manipulating Vano Siradeghyan’s Name

The only defendant in the “Financial Pyramid” case Arthur Andreasyan today told the court that he was not guilty in large scale appropriations.

Arthur Andreasyan was charged for the fact that as a result of his bookmakers activities and for foreign exchange trading he became actually insolvents, and in June 2010, he decided to take an advantage of the close connections with Colonel Karen Babakekhyan, Major General Nerses Nazaryan who hold senior positions in the RA Police at the Government, as well as the relations with Nerses Nazaryan’s son Armen Nazaryan, who was the owner of the network of “Moskvichka” stores that operates in Yerevan, and also the close relations with their family members to use the trust which he had gained among those people and by exploiting this trust under the preposition of investing the funds in entrepreneur activities and to gain profit for this had theft particularly large amounts from different citizens and obtained the property right on their real estate.

Defendant stated in the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash that the case had been sewed on him. “Since the very beginning the investigation was against me, they had already decided that I am guilty. In fact I’m not guilty. I gave testimony without a lawyer at the Special Investigation Department, I was not worried as I was not guilty,” Arthur Andreasyan said.

He also referred to the victim in this case Artak Galstyan’s episode accusing him again. Arthur Andreasyan restated the testimony given in the previous session that “Vano Siradeghyan was supporting Artak Galstyan. If there were no such people standing behind Artak Galstyan, he would not have been so sure. He knew that he will have no problem and that he could blame everyone and stay safe. Only Artak could have told me that he was taking care of Vano Siradegyan’s house costs at around 1000 USD, I am not telling a lie, he was the one who advertised all that. Artak also said that everyone were afraid from him. Artak Galstyan was dictating to the investigator what to write. I believe that not everyone can do so,” the defendant mentioned.

At the previous trial Artak Galstyan’s defender Susanna Sargsyan in the interview to Iravaban.net had denied the evidence about the relations between the defendant and Vano Siradeghyan, and emphasized that there were substantial contradictions in Arthur Andreasyan’s words.

At that court hearing the defendant had mentioned that “senior police officers are standing behind Artak Galstyan,” this time he used the expression “powerful people.” The prosecutor was interested who were those “powerful people.” “I have doubts, who they are, but I do not want to disclose the names, neither am I going to do that,” the defendant answered.

Judge Gagik Poghosyn decided to call the victim Artak Galstyan to the court to give testimony. The victim’s defender informed that her client was out of country, while according to the note provided by the National security service Artak Galstyan and his wife had not crossed the border of the Republic of Armenia in the period of 1 November through 15 December.

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