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The Defendant told about the 1 million Dollar Debt, Vano Siradeghyan and Senior Police Officials

As we had already informed Kentron and Nork-Marash Court of First Instance, the Court continued: “The Financial Pyramid” case.

Defendant Arthur Andreasyan in his testimony mentioned that he had taken from the 7 victims involved in the case around 1 million USD and invested it in the mining industry.

E also mentioned that the victim in the case Artak Galstyan had offered him to buy the space at 77/8 Baghramyan street, “My this situation became from the moment when I bought space at 77/8 Baghramyan street paying for it 250.000 USD, I spent around 180.000 USD and earned around 50-60 thousand USD but I lose. Then I found out that I face a fact/a problem, the house was ruined, and I did not have a solution. I did not want to mortgage it in the bank. I globally began to lose after buying this space at 77/8 Baghramyan street. I have spent around 450 thousand USD for its but I sold it only for 100.000USD.”

According to the defendant Artak Galstyan had told that he was backed by the senior police officials, “He said that Vano Siradeghyan and other senior police officials support him and suggested to join them and help to fire from jpg Nerses Nazaryan and Karen Babakekhyan and take from them everything that they have at hand. Naturally, I did not agree to join these dirty games. According to his words he had the sponsorship of Vano Siradeghyan and other senior police officials and had become untouchable. This so called Pyramid is Artak Galstyan’s creature; they even called him architecture of the Pyramid in the Special Investigatory Department,” Arthur Andreasyan said.

Further he said that he had known Artak for around 10 Years. “I knew him as Vano Siradeghyan’s Artak, at least he introduced himself like that saying that he had passed the training at KGB…”
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