“I didn`t Look at this Service through Pink Glasses”. Satine Tadevosyan

Satine Tadevosyan was dreaming to serve in the army. Today she serves, but not in the military forces but in the police system. She previously was working as a journalist, interviewing police officers, and currently she is giving interviews in police uniform. Satine is an inspector of the 1st platoon of the 1st company of 4th special battalion of the RA Police Special Patrol Unit. What is Satine Tadevosyan dreaming of, what is she afraid of and why did she decide to chose this profession? Fnd the answers in the regular interview of the special project “Armenian Policewomen”.

Satine, why did you decide to chose this specialization?

Let us start from the young age, I always dreamed of serving in the army. When I was a school-girl, my goal was to leave for Israel to serve in the army, at that time I didn`t understand what would happen. Israel was a dream country for me, where women can serve. I was always surprised on why men avoid the service, and I was just the contrary, while being a girl, always wanted to be recruited. My family was against it, they were saying that a girl should not serve in the system. When I got an education, I ensured everything so that my family wasn`t anymore against, and I chose my favorite specialization.

Where did You study?

I graduated the Faculty of History and Law of the Pedagogical university, I also finished my Masters studies as a specialist of world history.

And then you decided to enter the police system, how did that idea come to You?

At that time I was working in one of the media websites, I was recording a reportage on people of various specializations, including “Angels”. I got interested and understood that it was y favorite job and I asked myself whether I wanted to become one of them and not make a reportage on them. I quit my job and happened to appear here.

When did that happen?

I started my service from 1 October.

How did the members of Your family react to that reality?

When I made my decision, they were against it. They were stating I was a girl and they couldn`t bear this. Nevertheless, they were adding it was my decision. Now I feel the change of their approach to positive from week to week.

So You are in the service for already two months. What did You expect and what did You get?

I got everything  expected. The staff is very nice, they did everything so that I get easily adapted. Besides, I didn`t look at this service through pink glasses, on the contrary, my motivation is greater and however tired I get, I never regret or feel bad.

How does Your day pass?

It depends on conditions, whether we are at service on that day or at a class. During classes we study several codes, as well as get physical training. If we are at service, we usually take our shift of 8 hours in the Small center.

Can You speak about Your family?

I live with my parents and my sister, my brother is a military pilot and serves in Gyumri, we see him twice in a week, one of my sisters is married and lives separately. I am the only police officer in my larger family. Everybody always accepted my profession with a great surprise. My heart is not occupied, I am not married, now my priority is my job. Though personal life is something which is not possible to plan, whatever happens, happens.

What are Your interests in the fields of reading, films and music?

I mainly like quiet music, and from movies – psychological thrillers. I can`t sand blood, but psychological sharp feelings are the favorite directions in the movies. From literature I like reading Russian books, and now I read Ernest Hemingway “Old man and the sea”, mobile version.

Police system is a power structure, while a woman is a gentle creatures, how do You regulate this contradictions? In various estimations the low number of women involvement is conditioned by this, besides You mentioned that You can`t stand blood, but it might happen in the service that You encounter all of this.

I prepare myself for that, I know that one day I`ll face that problem. As to being a woman, let me say that currently the boys create such an atmosphere here that you never feel insulted. They accept us as their sisters. In the service we also have advantage, there are people, especially girls, who don`t feel comfortable to address a male policeman, but they address to us, and they also say that it`s easier that there are girls in the system.

What are Your plans for the future?

In terms of work, I plan to achieve heights with my knowledge, experience and work. I also intend to make my dream to go to Israel come true, and not to serve in the army, but as a policeman.

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Interview by Gevorg Tosunyan

Photos by Zakar Iskandaryan

Author of the idea Karen Zadoyan

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