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The Trial on the Case of “Financial Pyramid” was Postponed

Today the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Communities postponed the trial on the case of “Financial Pyramid”.

This time defendant Arthur Andreasyan`s attorney Hamazaspuhi Griogoryan did not attend the sitting.

She informed the court in a written form that she could not attend the court sitting because of her training sessions, so she requested to postpone it,

Judge Gagik Poghosyan satisfied the solicitation of the defender.

Next court sitting will take place on 21 February.

Previous court sitting had also been postponed. “With his current health conditions he is not able to take part in the judicial investigation. Any time he might need a professional medical treatment, the lack of which might be fatal for Andreasyan”, had stated the defender at the previous court sitting.

Arev Avagyan


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