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I Borrowed Money, but I didn`t Cheat on Anybody. Defendant

The results of the inter-agency medical examination of defendant Arthur Andreasyan were presented today at the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Communities of Yerevan, during the trial on the case of “Financial Pyramid”.

According to those results the defendant does not need a static medical treatment and can stay in detention while getting medical care when needed.

Defender Mnatsakan Sargsyan stated that after studying the results it would be possible to request a double medical examination. “My defendant was examined only for 5 minutes and was asked a couple of questions”.

Later on the prosecutor announced the accusation. According to the concluding part Arthur Andreasyan was accused of abduction of particularly large amounts of money and acquiring the property of various citizens with the excuse of investing their money into entrepreneurial activity, abusing their trust and the closeness with Armen Nazaryan, owner of Moskvichka stores in Yerevan, his father Gneeral-Major Nerses Nazaryan, Colonel Karen Babakekhyan and their family members.

The accusation was based on the 1st Provision of the 3rd part of Article 178.

Defendant Arthur Andreasyan did not accept this accusation. “I am not guilty. I do not agree with the accusation presented. I borrowed money, but I didn`t cheat on anybody”.

Arev Avagyan


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