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He Gave the Names of Nersik Nazaryan and Karen Babakekhyan, Stating that He Had Connection with them. The Victim Testified on the Case of “Financial Pyramid”

Today victim of the case “Financial Pyramid” Gevorg Tadevosyan testified at the Court of general jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Communities of Yerevan.

According to him he got acquainted with Arthur Andreasyan with the help of another victim of the case Artak Galstyan. “He said at that time that he owned 3 exchange points of the Supermarket network “Moskvichka”.

According to the victim, Andreasyan suggested him to invest money in those exchange points, around 30 thousand USD, for which he`ll pay back 600 USD monthly. “As we got acquainted through Artak, I asked him whether Arthur was reliable person or not. Seeing that he trusted him, I decided to give money to him to put into circulation”.

After some time Arthur Andreasyan called Gevorg Tadevosyan and suggested to put additional money into circulation if he had it.

“I said that I had another 15 thousand USD which I can give. And Arthur said that he`d give me additional 300 USD for that. I gave my money to him with 2% monthly which is allowed by law. But we didn`t sign any document”.

The victim claims that later he found out that the exchange points do not belong to Arthur Andreasyan. And he asked the money back.

“I asked to give my money back. He said that I was Artak`s friend, and I have to get my money back from Artak. I said that he was making me apply to law-enforcement bodies, and he said that he didn`t have any problems with law-enforcement institutions. He gave the names of Nersik Nazaryan (Former Head of Yerevan Police), Karen Babakekhyan (Former head of Police of Shirak Region), stating that he had connections with them. I also knew those people but I didn`t want to call and check with them”.

Next court sitting was set for 21 July.

Arev Avagyan


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