When Corruption has become a Lifestyle, Necessity as Oxygen…

Currently corruption has become a lifestyle, necessity as oxygen without which it՛s impossible to live.

Corruption oxygen is needed by many officials of high, middle and low ranks who speak about the dangers of corruption and the necessity to fight against it on every occasion while not losing a single precious second to put their position in service for their own interests, for the interests of their friends, relatives, acquaintances, starting from holding competitions (state purchases, admission to HEIs, professional and non-professional contests, etc.) to providing public services (judicial, law-enforcement, healthcare, social security, collection of state incomes and other fields). Certainly, they do all of this with great love within the possibilities under hand.

Corruption oxygen is breathed also by common citizens who organize the issues of their benefits, pensions, marriage, registration of the child’s birth, funeral of a relative and other every-day issues with officials of various ranks through corruption – without any excessive obstacles or feeling of danger, within the rules of their game.

It might sound pessimistic, but the reality is that we have come to a deadlock when the majority of the society does not see an exit to the current situation, does not believe in the efficiency of anti-corruption struggle.

What to do? Where to start and where is the light?

Iravaban.net starts a series of articles under the cover theme “Anti-Corruption strategy, the way to get out of current situation” towards the establishment of a new RA Anti-Corruption strategy: this will become an open platform where all the interested people will be given opportunity to present their own concerns, opinions and suggestions on the new anti-corruption strategy, current challenges and anti-corruption struggle, raise all the risks and dangers, as well as envisage current opportunities and possible ways out.

Karen Zadoyan

Author of the idea and Head of Iravaban.net


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