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The Son of Former Mayor of Yerevan was Insulted by the Investigator`s Question, and He Told about 8-mln USD Business Loans

Today, 4 November, the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Communities of Yerevan announced the testimonies of preliminary investigation given by two of the witnesses – Former Head of Police of Yerevan Nerses Nazaryan and his son Armen Nazaryan on the case of “Financial Pyramid”.  The Court informed that they were not in Armenia.

Armen Nazaryan was questioned in July 2012. It became evident from the testimonies that for 5 years he had been running a business and was the owner of 3 companies he had established. He told the inspector that he never gave money to Arthur Andreasyan. “I never gave or received money from him, the talks about loans and percentages are really insulting for me, as I am a successful businessman and not a moneylender”, it is mentioned in Armen Nazaryan`s testimony.

He also informed that he had no idea about the financial situation of Arthur Andreasyan and never got interested in it. This matter became of his interest only when his father`s and his name started to circulate connected to this case. In 2012 testimony Armen Nazaryan denied the hypothesis that Arthur Andreasyan borrowed money from him, and he brought the following example. “I want to state that right now me and my company have borrowed around 8 mln USD business loans from Ameria, Areksim and Prometey banks, for an average of 11% yearly. If I had spare money, I would have payed by debts”, he said.

Former Mayor of Yerevan Nerses Nazaryan`s preliminary investigation testimony showed that he hadn`t known Arthur Andreasyan by face, and hadn`t had any connection with Exchange points of “Moskvichka” supermarket network, where his son Armen Nazaryan had a share.


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