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The Witness was Taught to Say “I Don`t Remember”. Vardan Petrosyan`s Case

Today, on 31 October, Nikolay Baghdasaryan, lawyer of the defendant on Vardan Petrosyan`s Case came up with an announcement, arguing the activities of the Court.

The Court of Abovyan city was questioning Police officer Mkrtich Khudaverdyan who took part in the investigative examination activities of the place of the accident. Advocate Nikolay Khudaverdyan wanted to show him the video depicting his activities, recorded by photographer Gagik Shamshyan. The Court did not allow him, urging the advocate to give questions based on the report of the examination of the place of accident.

“It was found out from the video of Gagik Shamshyan that the investigator did not report some traces of essential importance. It is obvious that the witness and the investigator made all those measurements at the place of the accident, and it is also visible that there is no assistant there. We attached this video to the case during previous court sittings, and You stated that the video is in the case. This is such an obvious factor which can not be concealed”, claimed the lawyer: “How can we ask questions on one evidence and not on the other?” concluded the advocate.

The judge stated that he wouldn`t comment on the advocate`s announcement. The questioning of the witness went on by the advocate Samvel Jaghinyan. The witness mentioned that he did not remember whether he read the report or not, whether he comprehended it fully or not. The questions of the defender were removed by the judge based on the justification that they repeated themselves, and the advocate got angry on the answers of the witness and the activities of the Court. “The witness was taught to say he does not remember”, he announced.

Vardan Petrosyan`s supporters held an action today in front of the Court.

Details will follow.




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