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“You want to kill me as a mother”, defendant`s mother turns to the judge on the case of “Financial Pyramid”

The mother of Arthur Andreasyan, defendent of the “Financial Pyramid” case did not have the opportunity to take part in her son`s trial. Judge Gagik Poghosyan of the Court of general jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash communities applied a disciplinary sanction against her, asking her to leave the court room.

During the last court sitting the accusing party requested to invite a medical commission expert who examined the defendent and didn`t see any deviations in health which would have been to change his detention. The petition of the defense to set a double examination was rejected by the court.

This made Arthur Andreasyan`s mother angry, when Gagik Poghosyan was speaking she said that for her the court decision was not clear. “I promised you to invite you out in case of trying to impede the court proceedings, I`ll keep my promise now and ask you out”, said the judge, and the defendant`s mother announced: “You want to kill me as a mother”.

Arthur Andreasyan`s health conditions were worsened again at the court sitting.


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