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If needed the case will be examined by the year of 2018: judge

Today the court in Abovyan city continued the trial on Vardan Petrosyan`s case, where the expert who carried out examination at the place of accident was being questioned.

Expert of the Kotayk region`s criminal examinatory group Torgom Yegoryan informed that he had been at the place of accident, took part in the examination and took photos.

Vardan petrosyan`s defender Nikolay Baghdasaryan had some doubts with regard to the records, in particular connected with Yegoryan, as factually being considered an expert, at the place of accident he had been a specialist taking only photos, while in the records he signed in the field for experts.

Accusing party was always objecting during the discussion of these issues. The accusing prosecutor stated: “It`s a pity that we are discussing this meaningless topic. This person presented himself as a specialist at the place of accident. You have turned the trial into divident-gathering. This already becomes absurd”. And the witness mentioned: “As there was no written expert in the form, I signed where everybody else, it was convenient”.

When speaking about professional activities of the witness, he stated that their actions were not regulated by the RA Legislation. “Our activities are regulated by the previous legal act of the Soviet Union”, he said.

He also informed that took photos with a digital photo camera, the defender showed some photos done with another camera unrelated to the case, and said that there are some trails that are not fixed in the record. “If there is a trail, then I have certainly took the photo, maybe later the investigator decided it does not related to the case”.

Meanwhile the representative of the victim Ruben Baloyan announced what he had already stated at the last trial. “If it goes on like this, we won`t finish by 2015”. “If needed the trial will go on until 2018”, the judge replied.

Today`s court sitting was postponed as the judge had another trial to attend. The hearing will continue on 17 October.


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