Interviews of the candidates for Armenia`s judge at the ECHR have been launched

The interviews, as a constituent of the competition of candidates for Armenia`s judge at the European Court of Human Rights, have been launched and now take place in the Library hall of the Court of Cassation. At this moment Regional Representative of the UN Human Rights Commissioner in Central Asia, Temporary (ad interim) head of the UN Mission of Human Rights Monitoring in Ukraine, Doctor of Law Armen Harutyunyan is answering to the questions. Former Ombudsman speaks on the question asked by the current Human Rights Defender. Mr. Andreasyan was interested in the 3 drawbacks that impede the judicial system.

The interviews will be held in 3 stages: first one is on personal data, then on professional background and the third is to check the conduct of languages. 30 minutes are envisaged for the first stage, and 40 minutes per second and third stages. The interviews will be conducted within three days.

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