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Dispute and mutual insults: Vardan Petrosyan`s trial went on in a tough atmosphere

During Vardan Petrosyan`s trial civil plaintiff, representative of the State nstitution of agricultural programs Haykaz Karaoetyan filed a lawsuit today in the Court of Abovyan. He was claiming his lawsuit for 2 mln 600 thousand AMD justifying that this sum was checked personally using auto.am website.

Vardan Petrosyan`s defender Nikolay Baghdasaryan was wandering whether that sum of money is the market price of the car, and Hakob Karapetyan answered positively to that question. And the advocate informed that in the post-crash condition the residual value of the car was 737 thousand AMD. Then the defender stated that the residual value can be subtracted from the market price and demanded from the Insurance Agency.

Then Nikolay Baghdasaryan intervened to recognize as unacceptable the testimony that Vardan Petrosyan gave as a suspect and accused. Vardan Petrosyan joined the intervention stating “They wanted to have my first 2 questionings without my advocate, and I was always saying that my advocate should be there”. The accusing party was against the intervention, and eventually the court rejected it.

Afterwards the court examined the other intervention of Vardan Petrosyan`s defender requesting to recognize as unjustified the expertise results of the day of incident accentuating the fact that the investigator did not record certain traces. He showed the photos and the concluding opinion prepared by the Investigatory, as well as the photos done by photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, and those two had obvious differences. So Nikolay Baghdasaryab requested to “postpone the examination of the intervention for filing another intervention to invite this expert T. Egoryan to the court for questioning”. The court accepted this request. Later the court rejected the intervention to invite investigator Haykaram Nahapetyan to the court for questioning considering it unjustified.

Today`s court sitting was going on in a tense atmosphere. Parallel disputes have been arising between the accusing and defending parties.


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