There are already 3 candidates for Armenia`s judge at the ECHR

Three candidates have applied for the competition for Armenia`s judge position at the ECHR. Press Secretary of the RA Ministry of Justice Tsovinar Khachatryan informs that the third candidate also didn`t want his name to be published. The other two candidates` names are also not published with the same reasoning put forward. The applications will be accepted until 18:00 24 September.

By the way, the issue of publicizing the names of candidates is decided not at the Ministry of Justice, but through the procedure set by the President`s decree. Thereby, RA President`s decree of 02 August, 2014 NH-199-N sets the procedure of activities of the Competition Committee for Armenia`s candidates for the judge position at the ECHR and the procedure of selecting candidates.

It is clearly stated that the Committee “organizes the competition of candidates selection”, the decree also underlines that “the Committee`s activities are based on the principles of equality of candidates` selection conditions, of procedural transparency and publicity”. So the candidates` wish is not a basis to violate the procedure set by the RA President.

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