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The Judge Granted Vardan Petrosyan’s Defense Motion

The examination of the accident site on Varadn Petrosyan’s case shows that the accident took place in the soil zone and the issue is closed by the injured party. Ruben Baloyan, representative of the victim said today at Abovyan Court of Kotayk Marz.

On the contrary, Vardan Petrosyan’s defender Nikolay Baghdasaryan stated that the investigator and the expert who had conducted the expertise of the accident site had mentioned different places and he tried to prove the accident occurred on the busy road. He made a motion to invite expert Khoren Zakaryan to ask him some questions about the examination of the accident site.

The Presiding Judge Arthur Sargsyan thought that Nikolay Baghdasaryan was so confident and determined that it seemed he was by Vardan Petrosyan during the accident. He was mot against inviting the expert to the court.

Ruben Baloyan mentioned that Nikolay Baghdasaryan tried to confuse the court and the public. According to the materials of the case it was evident that the accident took place in the by-road. He mentioned that the place where the mud flaps were may help to determine where it occurred. They were found in the soil zone.

Nikolay Baghdasaryan objected that it was impossible to decide the place only by the place where the mud flaps were found, and there was even a literature about that, which indicated about the impossibility to make an idea about the accident.

Judge Vaghinak Mkrtchyan granted the motion. The court session is in process.


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