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There is no need to write a Letter to François Hollande on Vardan Petrosyan’s Case: Nikolay Baghdasaryan

“There is no need to write a letter to François Hollande on Vardan Petrosyan’s c, he can personally find out whether Vardan Petrosyan was guilty for the incident or not.” Nikolay Baghdasaryan, the attorney on Vardan Petrosyan’s case said this during the conversation with Iravaban.net, answering the question whether Vardan Petrosyan’s relatives intend to apply to François Hollande, President of French Republic drawing his attention on the case. François Hollande has arrived to Armenia on a state visit.

“The version of the incident modeling which we prepared is being used in the world currently. I believe that the President of France has seen the 3D medel of the incident, and is aware of the materials case as well, and has his opinion regarding Vardan Petrosyan’s case,” Nikolay Baghdasaryan said, reminding that a representative of French Embassy had participated in all court hearings of the case.

Notably, the defendant Vardan Petrosyan is a citizen of French republic as well.


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