“Shameful, Shameful:” the Judge urged the Participants of the Court Hearing to act as Ordinary Citizens

A few minutes before Judge Levon Avetisyan rejected the motion on recusal of the Jude on Freedom Fighter Volodya Avetisyan’s case brought by the attorney Ara Zakaryan.

After listening to the final part of the decision, the people in the courtroom shouted in unison, “Shameful, shameful!”

Defendant Volodya Avetisyan made a stamen indicating that there is a bad treatment towards him in “Nubarashen” penitentiary. He said the doctor’s had diagnosed a deasease, but no treatment is assigned for a long time. He had reported this to the MP Nikol Pashinyan who had visited him and to the representative of the Human Rights Defender. Only after that the doctors prescribed medicines.

Judge Levon Avetisyan told that he will send a note to the administration of the penitentiary to be more attentive.

The court hearing is in process.


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