The Judge will soon decide to abandon examining the Case or not

This time the Freedom Fighter Volodya Avetisyan entered the courtroom under the applause again. His combat friends shouted “Freedom, freedom.”

The attorney Ara Zakaryan again introduced the motion on recusal of the judge Levon Avetisyan.

According to the attorney during the last court hearing the judge performed such acts which cause prejudice on his impartiality.

Specifically during the last court hearing, when witness Henrik Haroyan was examined (the latter did not remember anything on the incident, did not answer the judge’s questions, did not remember whether he was examined by the investigator), the judge initially rejected prosecutor Henrik Papyan’s motion, and then met the motion and publicized the witness’ pre judicial evidence.

Ara Zakaryan argued the motion, because the Criminal Code provides that the prejudicial testimony may be publicized only in case when there are differences between the testimonies provided in prejudicial phase and those provided at the court hearing.

Judge Levon Avetisyan left to the retiring room to take a decision.

Notably, during the last court hearing the witness’s prejudicial testimony was not publicized, because Ara Zakaryan had refused to participate in the court hearing and turmoil began in the courtroom.

Nune Hovsepyan

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