“I am a Father, I know what Loss is: I must ask you for apology whole my life,” Vardan Petrosyan

As soon as the case investigation of Vardan Petrosyan started, the health condition of the victims, Hayk Hakobyan and Artur Hakobyan worsened. They were taken to the hospital by the ambulance. The court trial paused. Later, the sides suggested continuing the court trail without the victims.

Two French advocates were involved in the case to protect Vardan Petrosyan’s rights of The French-Armenian interpreter also invited by the defense as well.

The judge, Artur Sargsyan mentioned that according to the law the interpreter is provided by the court and submitted solicitation not to involve the interpreter in the case. The court decided to apply to the Judicial Department to provide an interpreter. Vardan Petrosyan agreed to have Nikolay Baghdasaryan as his defense lawyer during this court session.

The defender, Nikolay Baghdasaryan submitted solicitation to release Vardan Petrosyan immediately, mentioning that the judge had violated the law without reasoning the necessity of arrest. Vardan Petrosyan joined the defender and made an announcement. He addressed to the victim saying that he hadn’t been able to apologize personally as he was arrested.

“I am a father, I know what loss is: I must ask you for apology whole my life,” Vardan Petrosyan said.

The judge left to the retiring room to make decision on solicitation.


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