Many Colored Frock to the Russian Ambassador: Protest Action

Today “Hayazn” Political party presented a many colored frock to the RF Ambassador in Armenia. The frock was handed during the protest action in front of the Russian Embassy in Armenia.

The participants of the action wanted to pass the frock to the Russian ambassador through the police, but the latter did not allow this on the reasoning that if they want to pass the frock they had to put it in the place designated for statements. The participants did not resist and hang the frock in the mentioned place.

At the interview with the journalists, Arsen Petrosyan, member of “Hayazn” Political Party mentioned that they presented the frock as an emblem, “This is official clothing for them. As we could not buy frocks for the whole Russian leadership, so the size is universal.”

The participants of the action believe that the Armenian powers did not respond duly, “We anticipate a clear note from our powers, so that there is no such humiliation.”

“Hayazn” party made a statement as well. According to the statement violation of the Armenian driver’s dignity by the RF is degrading, chauvinism, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and jeopardizes the Armenian – Russian “friendly relations”. The Party members demand to stop such actions and to ensure civilized investigation and just court process for the RA citizen.

Party member Armen Hovhannisyan noted that the fact of actions against H. Harutyunyan was not a state action but rather an action of a gang. “There may be hatred among the public, but it should not be encouraged because the accused is in response before the state. He should not be degraded. There must be a just investigation and fair judgment.”

Marat Atovmyan, Head of the AYLA Human Rights Committee was at the protest action as well. In his interview to he noted that bringing a man to the court in woman’s frock is gross violation of the human dignity and human rights, which is forbidden by the Constitution of the RF, Russian laws and the international treaties to which RF is a party. “The State shall be consistent and determined to ensure that the pre-investigation as well as all stage of the court process Russian law enforcement and judicial bodies shall preserve the human dignity.”

According to him Hrachya Harutyunyan’s guilt is not proven yet, and may be it may happen that he is recognized innocent. The media shall not forget about the presumption of innocence, which some of the Russian mass media have neglected.

Arev Avagyan

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