Shooting near “Vernisage”: there is a Victim (updated)

Shortly before there were shots from rifle near Vernisage, on Vardanants Street. The police have not yet been informed about this. The police does not yet provide information about this. A journalist of informs from the incident site that there are preliminary reports about one victim and one wounded.

Our correspondent reports that high-ranking police officers are at the scene, including First Deputy Chief of Police Hunan Poghosyan. The scene of the incident was separated by ribbons. Shot cartridges and a rifle were found at the scene.

The police informed the correspondent of that that the police officers from different subdivisions were at the scene, and the circumstances are being clarified. By this moment, there is no clear information about the victims.

15։00 learned from the Investigative Committee that an investigation team left for the scene immediately after receiving the information on the incident. The killed person was resident of Lori region Gagik Mosinyan, born in 1974, the wounded who was taken to the medical center was D. Abgaryan, born in 1979.

One AK-74 machine gun, 1 pistol, “Makarov” type, as well as capsule were found on the scene.

The investigative group continues its work at the scene and conducts operative search activities to detect the crime.

Other information is not published at the moment due to the interest of the investigation.

Currently, due to the interest of the investigation, no other information is published․


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