Court Hearing on the case of the Soldier Died from Chickenpox delayed

Today the Court of General Jurisdiction of Erebuni and Nubarashen Communities of Yerevan should have considered the criminal case against the accused Michael Micaelyan and Minas Mkrtchyan in compliance with Article 376 (1) of the RA Criminal Code.
The case was delayed court hearing was delayed based on the petition submitted by Movses Khachaturian, the successor of the injured on renouncing his representative advocate Musheg Shushanyan.
During the court hearing the court repeatedly notified the successor of the injured to respect the court.
The successor of the injured, Movses Khachatryan, father of the dead soldier, kept on repeating that the accused themselves had killed his son and currently they are walking freely (the accused gave a written cognizance not to leave):
The next court hearing shall take place on 8 October at 12:00.

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