Ethics Rules


Code of Ethics of the Editorial Board of Independent Specialized Website

The mission of independent media outlet (hereinafter referred to as “the Media Outlet”) operated by the Armenian Lawyers’ Association is to publish and disseminate objective and accurate information. The editorial staff of the Media Outlet:

  • Respects the reader’s right to receive impartial information and realizes it.
  • Respects the fundamental human rights and freedoms and does not hurt the person by its work.
  • Has adopted principles of ethics that stem from the interests of public awareness, as well as the journalist’s professional rating.

The rules of the Media Outlet’s code of conduct are:

  1. Publishing exclusively clarified information. The news format and aspiration for operational work shall not be a reason for unspecified information.
  2. Separate facts from comments and not distort them, especially when publishing information, to refer primarily to the source of information.
  3. Coverage of events shall be versatile, impartial, in the event of any dispute, the journalist is obliged to hear all the parties and present their positions.
  4. Respect the confidentiality, honor, as well as dignity and business reputation of a person’s private and family life. Exceptions may be the information about officials’ income and corruption, as well as information that has been disclosed to the public, which has been confirmed by judicial and other legal acts that have been legally effective.
  5. Respect the person’s presumption of innocence.
  6. Respect partners’ copyright.
  7. Strongly condemn plagiarism, copyright infringement cases and unfair practice in the media sector.
  8. To act honestly, transparently and publicly, be professional and strictly follow these rules of ethics.
  9. Deny receipt of gifts, including cash prizes and free travel invitations, unless they are made by the Employer as encouragement.
  10. Do not make comments on social networking posts that may shadow the media’s impartiality and independence, discredit the human dignity and other rights.

The staff of the Media Outlet is also guided by the Code of Ethics of the Armenian Lawyers’ Association, which was adopted on 27 December, 2010.


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