Citizen B.M. applied to Syunik AAC with request to support to restore his infringed rights and to prevent possible infringements in future.

B.M is the joint-owner of a non-dwelling space on the ground floor in one of the buildings in M. Stepanyan Street of Kapan. Dweller of the same street Ms G.A. was carrying out construction work of a shop. The citizen informed that Kapan City administration had authorized the construction work without considering the fact of disagreement of thedwellers of the block house as well as the existence of gas pipeline just near the building.

At the same time the shop did not conform to the requirements of the construction norms, and constitutes additional obstacles for the traffic, hindering the drivers’ sight. As a result of interference and activities of Syunik AAC the constructional project task provided to G.A. according to the Decision # 82 of 30.10.2009 and the decision #71of 29.12.2009 on authorization of construction work were annulled by the Decision # 62 of 07.02.2011 of the Head of Kapan City Administration. In addition point 2 of the same decision instructs the Head of Urban Development department to provide new constructional project task considering the requirements of Decision 554 of 02.11.2007 of Kapan City Administration.

Demounting of the shop started on 18.07.2011.

In reply to the letters of Syunik AAC Kapan City administration informed by the notices # 1118 of 19.07.2011 and #1119 of 19.07.2011 that as of the date of 17.09.2011 the constructor had demounted the building and started restoration activities of the area to restore its previous appearance.

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