Distress of the Family consoled partially

H.H. called to Vayots Dzor AAC and informed that her husband had died recently. She said that the employer of her late husband refused to pay the salary of her husband for the last two months. After many attempts to receive the sum, she finally applied to Vayots Dzor AAC asking to support in protection of her rights and to restore justice considering the fact that currently they had no breadwinner in the family and the family really needed that money.

After examining the case the AAC lawyer came to conclusion that the employer had violated the requirements of Article 197 of the RA Labor Code, as well as the requirements of Article 1249 of the RA Civil Code, and was trying to evade to pay the money in compliance to the order provided by the RA legislation explaining the fact that only the employee was entitled to receive the sum of the salary.

Considering the fact that the term of six months of opening the will was still in process, the AAC undertook protection of the citizen’s rights. After carrying out legal expertise the lawyer explained to the citizen the members of the family of the dead person were entitled to receive the sum, which was not paid to the citizen during his life time on any reason. In addition, the non working persons under his care are authorized to receive the salary as well. Consequently in case of providing of the death certificate and other necessary documents certifying the fact of being a member of the family of the dead person to the employer during six months after the death of the person, the payments shall be done during three working days. In addition the AAC sent a notice to the employer as well. As a result of the carried out work, the employer paid the sum to the family of his died ex-employee.

The success story is borrowed from www.aac.am.

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