AAC restored the Citizen’s Disability Group

 A.A. suffered different health problems and diseases for many years and in 1999 received 2nd group disability. Every year, in the period of 1999 – 2006 A.A. underwent medical re-expertise and double expertise, and the disability group of the citizen was never suspected and was never changed either. In 2006 considering the fact that A.A.’s health was worsening continuously and there were no prospects for recovery the patient was provided lifetime 2nd group disability. In 2011 the Medical/Sociological Expertise Committee (MSEC) of the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Issues received a notice from an authorized body, which requests to clarify whether a number of citizens really correspond to the disability group, which was provided to them. Based on the aforesaid notice the MSEC initiated administrative procedures and without any grounds and corresponding medical expertise, as well as in violation of law changed the disability group of some citizens and among them disability group of A.A. whose lifetime 2nd group disability was changed to lifetime 3rd group disability. The irritated citizen applied to Yerevan AAC with request to restore the infringed rights. AAC involved an advocate to solve the issue. The latter examined the materials of the case and compiled a claim appealing the decision, which was submitted to the Administrative Court of the RA. In result of the AAC’s work the infringed rights of the citizen were restored. On 02.05.2012 the Administrative Court of the RA decided to grant the application and recognized invalid the MSEC’s decision on granting lifetime 3rd group disability. As a result A.A.’s lifetime 2nd group disability was restored.

The success story is borrowed from www.aac.am.

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