The Reason why the Speech for the Prosecution was not Read

At the Court of General Jurisdiction of Center and Norq Marash Administrative Districts, presided by the Judge Gagik Poghosyan, the case of shots at “Vernissage” took place last year continued.
At the trial the accused ones- Gor Araqelyan, Valerik Hovhannisyan, Nerses Meloqnyan and their Defensders were present. Only the Prosecutor Harutyun Sargsyan was absent and that was the reason that the trial postponed. The next trial will took place on September 24 at 14:00 o’clock.
The last trial was postponed as well because the Prosecutor was not ready with the speech for Prosecution.
According to the accusation, 31-year-old Valerik Hovhannisyan alongside with his friend 37-year-old Nerses Melkonyan started an argument on parking the car at the gates of the underground parking space entrance of Vardanants 18/2. 30-year-old Gor Arakelyan deliberately tried to kill Valerik Hovhannisyan and Nerses Melkonyan by his illegally-purchased gun, and also accidentally caused heavy physical damages to Mnatsakan Sukiasyan, Myasnik Hayrapetyan and Alvina Badalyan.
During the argument Valerik Hovhannisyan and Nerses Melkonyan violated public order, loudly giving invectives of sexual nature. Besides, the friends hit Gor Arakelyan applying to force, not causing the slightest physical damages. Recognizance not to leave the country was chosen as measure of restraint for the three culprits.
The arrest was chosen as a preventive measure towards three accused ones.
Zara Manucharyan

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