Employee rights are mainly violated in service and construction areas

“Each law must serve the purpose of keeping all parties pleased with the clauses of the law”, Gagik Makaryan, head of Employers’ Union of Armenia told reporters today. He believes RA “Labor Code” needs more amendments. Mr. Makaryan suggests including in majority of labor contracts article 185 – “Payment for work on holidays and remembrance days and days off.”

President of Labor right conciliation office Artur Sargsyan believes that by amending the “Labor Code” in 2010, the Government gained significant leverage towards employers and trade union employees. He believes that “Labor Code” and does not allow for influencing, balancing the employers.

“Employers have serious leverage towards employees. However, the Government has no leverage over employers,” – Artur Sargsyan says.


Gagik Makaryan called important achievement their one-year-old amendment to the law. According to it, the firing notice has been extended from 15 to 30 days. “By losing an important staff, the employers has no time to hire or train a new one. Although this period is not enough, either,” says Makaryan.


Labor right conciliation office chairman says the public life is not regulated. EMploye cannot imagine losing job within 30 days. “Previous 14-day notice was enough. Now the 30 days make the employee a mind-searcher. He sits at the office, but does not work,” says Artur Sargsyan.

To the question of iravaban.net on what area is most violated in terms of labor rights, the respondents mentioned service and construction.

Nune Hovsepyan 

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