CSOs Anti-Corruption Coalition requests to initiate a Criminal case against Manifestation of Corruption Risks in ENA’s Actions

The Anti-Corruption Coalition of Civil Society Organizations considers unacceptable use of excessive force and illegal actions by the police aimed to stop the peaceful assembly of the citizens protesting against the rise of electricity price which took place early in the morning on 23 June in Baghramyan Avenue.

The series of peaceful assemblies organized by the civil society is the result of ENA’s ineffective management and possible corruption risks manifestation, which led to ungrounded rise in electricity prices.

The law enforcement authorities are obliged to initiate a criminal case and to ensure public and objective investigation into possible corruption risks in ENA’s operations (a series of articles and viewpoints were heard in the media and by officials), instead of initiating unlawful and disproportional actions against the civil society, which fight against the ineffective management and manifestation of corruption risks in ENA’s actions.

Based on the above said, the CSO Anti-Corruption Coalition requires from the RA Authorities to:

  • Initiate a criminal proceeding and ensure public and objective investigation of the case on manifestation of corruption risks in ENA’s activities:
  • Conduct unbiased and transparent investigation of disproportionate use of force by the police.

CSOs Anti-Corruption Coalition