When the Judge’s “a bit later” lasts for Hours. “Vernissage” Case

Today’s court case on the shooting that took place on 17 May last year near “Vernissage” was devoted to the discussion of the medical reference provided from the psychiatric clinic “Nubarashen. The court under presiding judge Gagik Poghosyan stated that the court had received a reference from “Nubarashen” psychiatric clinic that a psychological-psychiatric examination commission had been formed to carry out the complex forensic psychological examination of the defendant Gor Alexanyan’s health. The Document also included the names of the commission members.”

However the document provided only the names of the commission members, without any indication of their functions and profession. The court announced an interval to clarify the specialization of the commission members. However after more than a 15 minutes interval it was not possible to clarify anything.

The only clarification was that the commission member Ms Elda Grin is a psychiatrist, and the prosecutor mentioned that it would be preferable if other psychiatrists would be involved in the composition of the commission as well, although the prosecutor had no objections about the members of the commission. The advocate did not object about the composition of the commission either.

The court went to the retiring room to make a decision on the issue saying the decision will be announced “a bit later”. However the court case was restored some 10-15 minutes before the end of the business day (notably the court hearing was set for 15:00). The court had decided to assign the expertise to forensic psychiatrists and forensic psychologists.

Further the defendant Valerik Hovhannisyans advocate Arayik Alaverdyan filed a motion to replace his defendant’s measure of restraint detention with bail, stating that they are ready to pay the sum which the court will decide. The court went to the retirement room to discuss the motion.

Notably, at the former court hearing, defendant Nerses Melkonyan’s advocates had filed a motion to replace their defendant’s measure of restraint detention with bail, but on today’s court hearing his advocate Varduhi Elbakyan made a motion informing that they abandon the former motion, asking to leave it without consideration.


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