The Charge on “Verniszh” Case has been changed and mitigated

The charge against the defendant in “Vernisazh” case Gor Aleksanyan has been changed. The prosecutor abandoned a part of the charge finding that it was unfounded. Gor Aleksanyan’s advocate Yerem Sargsyan said this to It refers to the charge under Article 34-104 (attempt to murder) of the RA Criminal Code.

The advocate said that currently Gor Aleksanyan is charged under Article 112 (Infliction of willful heavy damage to health.); several points of Article 133 (Infliction of willful medium-gravity damage to health) and Article 235 (Illegal procurement, transportation or carrying of weapons, ammunition, explosives or explosive devices) of the RA Criminal Code.

However the defense argued that the action was not properly classified and accusation needs to be reviewed. In particular in the part about the willful injuries to passers-by it is obvious that the injuries were not caused willfully and it is just negligence.

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