Have we changed the Constitution in the Proper Way? Larisa Alaverdyan

First Deputy HRD Larisa Alaverdyan considers the fact of saying that there is no need to make reforms is not justified:  On the contrary, any lawyer, jurist can say that no constitution is such that does not require upgrades. As for the RA Constitutional reform is conditioned by several factors. Both the referenda of 1995 and 2005 were held with violations, I doubt whether the referenda were accepted in the appropriate way, when even the international experts have to say, there were few of them, it means it was not notable.

According to Mrs. Alaverdyan we have to hold at least once such a referendum so that we might make sure that our constitution was indeed a document adopted or not adopted by the people. “The other problem is the second chapter, which deals with human rights and in the first chapter which consists of basic provisions, I am sure that there are issues that need to be clarified. The principle should play its role in particular when we speak about human rights restrictions.”- told the First Deputy HRD.


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