Two Defendants in Vazgen Khachikyan’s Case promised to transfer the Money to the State Budget

On 20 March, during the court session at the Criminal Appeals Court of the RA, defendant Vigen Gevorgyan’s advocate Hrant Ananyan made a motion. He informed the court that they had submitted an application according to which the defendant was ready to transfer to the State Budget an amount of 4 million AMD and expects a favorable change in the sentence with regard to this part of the punishment. The advocate asked the court to delay the court session for 30 days and provide time for the transfer of the money.

Vahagn Khachatryan’s advocate Andranik Abajyan made a motion as well. He also informed the court that his client and the latter’s family were ready to transfer to the State Budget an amount of 2,5 million AMD, and asked the court to delay the trial for 10 days.

The prosecution was the only party, which objected and mentioned that the court had already appointed the deadlines for transfer of the money, and the money could have been transferred already if there was willingness. According to the prosecution there was no sense in of unduly delaying the session.

The court decided to grant the motions and to delay the session for one week. The defendants are able to transfer the money during this period and to provide the receipts of the transfer at the next court session.

The next court session will take place on 27 March.

Yelena Aramyan

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