“Imprisonment is like a Grave”: Vazgen Khachikyan

On 24 February, the regular court session on the case of the Former Head of the RA Social Security service and the others was held at the Court of general Jurisdiction of Center and Nork-Marash Communities of Yerevan under the presidency of Judge Gagik Avetisyan.

Vazgen Khachikyan asked the court to rule a fair decision and take into consideration that he has 2 children. He said that he was ready to serve his sentence and to repent but only if a fair decision was made. “The cross shall not become a cross-stone. I am ready to bear my cross, not the cross-stone. Imprisonment is like a grave, where you see how many flowers are put on you. I express my gratitude to all those people who have been at my side during the whole process,” said the defendant.

The judge asked about his position referring the recovery of damages and return of the funds. Vazgen Khachikyan answered that he would provide his position by 12 March, in the form of reference.

The other participants of the trial made their defensive speeches as well.

In his speech Sargis Sargsyan’s advocate Arshak Tovmasyan said that the charge was generalized, “A person is subject to criminal liability for a crime committed by him, here everything was generalized. During the period of 20005-2010 my client had not committed any illegal act. The money was taken out by another person and were not part of Sargsyan’s property,” Mr. Tovmasyan emphasized.

Yelena Aramyan

Tigranuhi Harutyunyan


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