Concerns of the Citizens in Marzes were alleviated to some Extent: Melanya Arustamyan

The civilization level of every modern state is determined by the extent of protection of the human rights of its citizens. Perhaps this is the reason why the state should realize the importance of ensuring the protection of human rights and legitimate interests as a fundamental and overriding principle of international law.

Pursuant to this principle, the Chamber of Advocates carries out the policy of development of the advocacy institute in the marzes. According to Melanya Arustamyan, the Vice President of the RA Chamber of Advocates on regional development issues currently advocacy offices and the regional coordinators’ offices are functioning in all ten marzes of the RA. Ms Arustamyan informed that currently about 300 advocates are working in the marzes.

“Elections were held in some regions, and appointments in some others. Appointments were made in the regions where the number of advocates does not exceed 12,” said Ms Arustamyan.

She said that the objective of coordination in marzes was consolidation of all advocates working in the territories of each marz or the cities of marzes raise the issues and problems which they faced during their implementation of advocacy activities and submit them to the Chamber of Advocates.

“Possibilities of the Chamber of Advocates are not large enough to be able to solve all the problems. At this moment, we involve the advocates from marzes in trainings and seminars to possible extent. The objective is to assist all advocates in improvement of their professional knowledge and skills. However, the advocates often do not have the opportunity to come to Yerevan, and thus we provided possibility of online trainings,” Melanya Arustamyan said.

She said that the Chamber of Advocates continues implementation of projects in marzes, to improve the work of the regional advocate. One of such projects is rejuvenation of the system in the marzes through sending young advocates to work there.

Gayane Gevorgyan

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