A Year-long Court Case delayed again

Today, the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Administrative Districts under the presidency of Judge Arshak Vardanyan continued the trial on Arthur Sargsyan’s case. Today, prosecutor Armen Panosyan filed a motion with request to change the accusation.

Earlier, Arthur Sargsyan was charged for the fact that he introduced himself as an official, and in some cases an overseas profitable entrepreneurial personality, and in the period of September 2008 through March 2012, under the pretext of carrying out transactions with different physical and juridical persons, by fraud, through abuse of confidence had performed large-scale appropriation of another’s property under the following episodes.

According to the new accusation Arthur Sargsyan in the period of September – December 2008 had appropriated 5 million 719 thousand AMD from Armen Mirzakhanayan under the pretext of realization of a joint business program; From “Europe” CJSC appropriated 12 million 500 thousand AMD and extorted 54 million 750 thousand AMD from one of the injured parties allegedly to construct gas stations.

The defendant and his attorney asked for 10 days to get acquainted with the indictment and to file a motion to supplement the trial. The injured party asked to provide a reasonable time to supplement the civil suit.

The court trial was postponed and appointed on 12 March.

Gayane Gevorgyan


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