Pure Water Pipeline of Armash Village restored in Result of Fast Response

An unknown construction firm had destroyed the pure water pipeline in one of the villages of Ararat Marz without a grounded reason. In result the streets of the village became impassable for the villagers. In addition, the construction firm had carried out aforementioned work illegally without permission of corresponding authorities.

Employees of Ararat AARC visited the village to see and legally assess the existing situation. They took photos of the destroyed pipeline and the consequences. Further representatives of Ararat AARC informed the village head about the situation and provided the photos to him.

The village head was convinced that that the villagers had appeared in a rather hard situation, deprived of the pure water pipeline and impassable streets. He agreed that the consequences of this offence were rather serious for the society and undertook obligation to reconstruct the pipeline and eliminate the consequences.

In result of activities undertaken by Ararat Advocacy and AssistanceReceptionCenter of the RA Ararat Marz AAC the consequences caused by the offence were eliminated soon. The impassable streets, as well as the pipeline which provided pure water to the population of the village were restored.

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