Infringed Rights and the Lost Trust of the Pensioner Restored

A beneficiary had applied to Talin Advocacy and AssistanceReceptionCenter of the RA Aragatsotn Marz with a request of explanation of his rights on the issue of the order of reparations of his bank deposits.

He whished to stay incognito and asked not to disclose the names of the organizations, which refer to his case as well as their location. Such approach is aimed to preserve the beneficiary’s, as well as those organizations’ honor; despite the fact his rights had been infringed. The beneficiary does not want to discredit him, as well as those organizations, motivating this with the fact that “the person on whose fault all this occurred is simply an inferior employee, and did this on the assumption of simple human greediness.”

The AAC provided legal support to the client, and explained the Decision 352-N of the RA Government “” of 10 June 1993 “On Approving the Order of Reimbursement for Deposits in USSR Savings Banks ASSR Republic Bank before June 10, 1993 by Citizens-Depositors.”

At the same time, on the assumption of the fact that the beneficiary had not kept the corresponding documentation, the AAC verified in the corresponding regional social service agency the fact whether the beneficiary was included in the lists of the families that receive family allowance and uninterruptedly received the allowances since 1 July 2005. It also turned out that the corresponding regional social service agency had sent a notice to bank in the terms provided by the law, with a request to provide reimbursement for the deposits of the citizen of the total amount of 250.000 (two hundred and fifty thousand) AMD.

The bank in its turn fulfilled its obligations and sent a letter on the name of the beneficiary with notification to come to the bank and receive the sum. However the letter did not reach the beneficiary, as the clerk “confiscated” the letter instead of delivering it to the recipient and used it at his own discretion. In result the reimbursement was provided to the post clerk instead of the pensioner.

After Talin AARC studied the given case and revealed the fact, the abovementioned clerk returned the whole sum to the beneficiary, though saying that he had received the sum only a month ago and used for his own purposes. At the same time he besought from the beneficiary to excuse him, to refrain from disclosing his name and informing the fact to the employer and the law enforcement bodies.

The beneficiary was rather depressed when applying to the support of the AAC and did not believe in justice and restoration of his rights. Nevertheless after the case was successfully solved “he granted mercy to the greedy man” and expressed his gratitude to Talin Advocacy and AssistanceReceptionCenter of the RA Aragatsotn Marz for its interference. “I really appreciate and am grateful for unbiased and kind treatment, which is extremely necessary for our generation. Nowadays free support is rather rare, and I once and again am grateful for the existence of your office…”

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