“Who is the King of the Jungle?” the Judge’s Question shocked the Advocate

“№ 1” Attorney’s office was established in 2012. According to Karen Aghajanyan, the President of “№ 1” Attorney’s office the won cases of the office are the majority. During the interview with Mr. Agajanyan we talked about the activities of the office, solidarity of the advocates’ community and their problems.

Details in the regular interview of the series “Armenian Law Firms”.

When did you decide to open a law office, and why just “№ 1”, what is the reason for this choice of name?

I was thinking about the name for around two years. In fact of course there was an idea to establish a law office, and when the time came of course the title was necessary. During that period I dealt with the trademarks, and registration of the trademarks, the court cases, study of the international practice and so on. In the meantime the idea came and the office was established in 2012.

In which spheres of the law do you work?

Basically in the civil sphere. But we have no limitations. In addition to civil and administrative spheres we also deal a little with the criminal sphere as well. We started it recently.

You said that you started the activities in 2012. What is the percentage of the won cases during these three years?

We have had quite a lot of cases and we won 90 percents from 100.

What is the motto of your office?

The first among the equals. In fact, we had thought it up simultaneously with the name. The idea is that we consider ourselves as equal to the law firms that carry out activities in the market.

Do you have clients abroad? 

Yes, we have. We have reached a number of agreements with the law firms as well, and support each other on different issues. As for the clients, in most cases they find us themselves.

Your approaches in work with the citizens.

We are guided by the principle of confidentiality and, in addition, a citizen is of great significance for us in every respect. Often some clients apply to us and say that they would like the case to be carried out in a specific manner. We explain them that it cannot be done by wish and that everything should be done within the framework of the law. Desiring is one thing; possibility another; while implementation is something else. Just from the very beginning we explain to our clients the possibilities that are available within the legal framework, the threats and positive expectations. But we never give promises, because no one is able to predict it

Why should the citizens choose just you?

Because we are the first among the equals.

How do you select employees?

This is the most painful issue as currently we face serious problems of cadres in the republic. Our main focuse are the representatives of young generation.

Do you remember ironic or humorous episodes from your court cases?

Naturally no ironic episodes take place. Once there was an episode in the Court of Appeals, when during the court hearing the judge asked the opposite party who the king of the jungle was. I did not understand why he asked such a question, but it was funny..

Do you think that confidence towards the advocates among the public has increased or is it just the opposite?

During the recent years the advocacy institute has developed and gradually grows. The Chamber of Advocates carries out a considerable work aimed at consolidation of the advocates. Today, there is consolidation in the community of advocates. The confidence of the citizens gradually grows. There were years when non professionals were providing services, very often they cheated the citizens and took money. Currently the Chamber is rather strict and consistent in this issue

I have heard from different advocates about an occurrence which was common in the Soviet years. There was a practice in the past that before the beginning of the court session, the prosecutor drank coffee with the judge in the judge’s room, while the advocate was waiting in the corridor. Does this exist nowadays or not?” 

No, this does not exist today. Currently, in many courts separate rooms are provided for the prosecutor as well as for the advocate. However the prosecutor already has some advantages as a public official.

Interview: Gevorg Tosunyan

Photos: Aleksander Sargsyan

Author of the idea: Karen Zadoyan

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